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Cycle Slip Count in GNSS Viewer Update


Latest GNSS Viewer 20170712 version has Cycle Slip Count added. It relates to signal quality seen by the receiver, showing how many satellite signals has cycle slip detected when in Float RTK and Fix RTK state. Two cycle slip numbers are shown, left for the rover, right for the base. 

Below video shows low cycle slip count situation, mostly zero occasionally one, it gets RTK Fix quickly.


Below video shows high cycle slip count situation, unable to get RTK Fix, also the signal is strangely fluctuating.


Sometime when unable to get RTK Fix, this cycle slip count can help reveal the cause. It can be antenna quality related or interference related.

Generally using antenna that gives strong stable signal with occasional cycle slip count no larger than 3 will provide good RTK performance with faster RTK Fix; lower the cycle slip count the better.

20170712 firmware update has this cycle slip count feature added, to be used with the new 20170712 GNSS Viewer.

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