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New Milestone in Low Cost Single Frequency RTK Performance


Single frequency RTK receivers work well under open sky environment. But when tall buildings or trees are encountered, none has yet shown to work well, they lose RTK Fix and have position jumps. This $595 Multi-Band, Multi-Constellation RTK GNSS Receiver struggles too when near trees.

Below video shows our soon to be released firmware update that could maintain RTK Fix in more difficult environments, passing by buildings and trees. When dropping to RTK Float in very difficult environment, the position is still maintained in good accuracy without jumps or detour as in other low-cost RTK receivers. The baseline is 1.2Km ~ 1.4Km. RTKPlot is used to replay the NMEA log file second by second. Green color represent RTK Fix. Orange color represent RTK Float.  


This new level of robust performance puts our $100 S2525F8-BD-RTK far ahead of others, closing in the performance gap with multi-frequency receivers for autonomous applications.

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