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Quadcopter Loiter Test using PX1122R


Quadcopter loiter testing using ArduCopter + Pixhawk + PX1122R RTK EVB. 

It took us a long time to decide on a suitable small-size multi-band multi-GNSS antenna. We are expecting to have the antenna available in latter half of April. Below is the actual stacked ceramic patch antenna assembly inside the plastic housing enclosure.

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NS-HP-GL RTK Performance

Below shows test result of NS-HP-GL GPS/GLONASS RTK receiver.Short Baseline 15 Hour Testing Accuracy: CEP 50% 0.33cm, R95 0.69cm, SEP 50% 0.63cm.Short Baseline Recycle Power Time to RTK Fix Testing, 75 TrialsAverage time to RTK Fix 23 sec.Longer Baseline Time to RTK Fix Testing, 5 Trials Each.11Km Baseline Drive Test Using Survey Grade HX-CSX601A Antenna and Tallysman TW2710 [...]

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 NS-HP or NS-HP-GL are single frequency RTK receivers. For reliable consistent single-frequency RTK operation, they require 12 or more usable satellite signals above 15 degree elevation angle with SNR no less than 38dB/Hz. With 10 or 11 usable satellite signals, we've seen less than 0.1% rate of getting incorrect RTK Fix off by centimeters ~ decimeters. [...]

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