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Product Description

NS-HP-GL is S2525F8-GL-RTK receiver in easy to use breakout board form.

* Tracks all GPS and all GLONASS in view satellites
* For < 10Km baseline, 1cm + 1ppm position accuracy
* For 10Km ~ 100Km baseline, decimeter level position accuracy
* Moving base RTK heading accuracy : 0.3degree @ 50cm, 0.07degree @ 2m baseline
* Up to 20Hz carrier phase raw measurement
* Base or rover mode user programmable
* -10 version supports 10Hz multi-GNSS RTK
* -S version supports pulse triggered RTK position stamping, far precise than time interpolated position for aerial survey
* 70mA @ 3.3V

* Autonomous vehicle robocar projects
* UAV, UGV, and precision farming machine control
* Centimeter-level high precision navigation
* Survey and GIS data collection
* Aerial mapping

Our NS-HP-GL RTK rover best used with a locally setup NS-HP-GL RTK base for 24hr RTK availability. Using NS-HP-GL RTK rover with public RTK base will have limited RTK availability across the day when there are more GPS satellites overhead.  

The newer NS-HP-GN can serve as GPS/GLONASS RTK or GPS/Beidou RTK by loading different firmware, it is preferred over NS-HP-GL.





NS-HP-GL User Guide (.pdf, ver 0.3, 20170930)
S2525F8-GL-RTK Datasheet (.pdf, ver 2, 20161005, NS-HP-GL is S2525F8-GL-RTK with pin-stick)
Raw Measurement Protocol (.pdf, ver 1.4.33, 20170608)

GNSS Viewer and Binary Command Interface can be downloaded from RESOURCE page

RTK Post Process (generating RTK position from logged raw measurement files, 20170324) 





NS-HP-GL (20190410)

NS-HP-GL-5 (20190410)

NS-HP-GL-5S (20190410)

NS-HP-GL-10 (20190410)

NS-HP-GL-10S (20190410)


New Firmware Supporting Trimble/Leica Base Station, But No Moving Base & Advanced Moving Base Function

NS-HP-GL (20181116)

NS-HP-GL-5 (20181116)

NS-HP-GL-5S (20181116)



High Precision Antenna: http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/high-precision-antenna/

Survey Grade Antenna: http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/survey-grade-antenna/

SMA-to-UFL connector cable: http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/sma-to-u-fl-connector-cable-4pcs-set/

UART-to-USB: http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/uart-to-usb-adapter-board/

S2525F8-GL-RTK evaluation board: http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/s2525f8-gl-rtk-evb-rtk-module-evaluation-board/

Product Reviews

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  1. Product is easy to use and good documentation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2018

    First of all let me say that the support for this product is second do none. I ordered the incorrect part at first and the company let me exchange it for the correct one.
    The documentation is very easy to use and straight forward i did have some issues getting a FIX RTK but the excellent support team at navspark was able to help me work it out quickly. One thing i was concerned about is that you need 15 satellites with a strong signal for this to work fast but that was not a problem where i live. I only testes the GPS's but i will soon deploy them to the robot lawn mower i am building with the arduino processor. Im looking forward to seeing how this will work on a live robot. If anyone needs RTK accuracy i would seriously look at this product as it is well documented and easily configurable with excellent support.

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