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NS-T : Precision Timing & Frequency Generation GPS Receiver


Product Description

NS-T is a plug-and-play precision timing and frequency generation GPS receiver, featuring 6nsec (1-sigma) 1PPS timing accuracy and a second precision programmable frequency time pulse phase-locked to 1PPS. NS-T is functionally equivalent to Venus838LPx-T but in NavSpark form factor. NS-T is not Arduino programmable.

* Breadboard compatible
* 38mm x 18mm size

* 167 channel Venus 8 engine
* uses GPS, SBAS, QZSS signals
* 6nsec (1-sigma) timing accuracy
* position hold mode for GPS timing operation
* 1PPS generation with 1 satellite in view
* 2nd programmable time pulse phase-locked to 1PPS
   1Hz ~ 19.2MHz programmable (10MHz default with ~0.01ppb accuracy while GPS in good 3D fix)
* Position accuracy 2.5m CEP
* Velocity accuracy 0.1m/sec
* Warm start TTFF under open sky 29sec average
* Cold start TTFF under open sky 30sec average
* Cold start sensitivity -148dBm
* Tracking sensitivity -165dBm
* Operating range : (altitude < 18km) or (speed < 515m/sec), both not exceeded simultaneously

The 2nd image shows what the shipped items include.




The programmable time pulse is derived from 81.84MHz clock, it suffers from jitter due to quantization or granularity of the clock. This time pulse is highly accurate in frequency pulse count, but does not have very low phase noise specification. To have low phase noise, customer must add external circuit such as PLL.


10kHz Output Phase-Locked to 1PPS Signal


100kHz Output Phase-Locked to 1PPS Signal



10MHz Output Phase-Locked to 1PPS Signal


GNSS Viewer (ver 2.0.207, 20160511)
Binary Command Interface (ver 1.4.40, 20161013)
Venus838LPx-T Datasheet (ver 6, 20170724)

Latest Firmware (20171201)


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