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Information particular to respective items are on their individual product page. Common information for all models are on this Resources page. NavSpark products are under Development Boards category, NS-RAW product is under Additional Modules category.


NavSpark, NavSpark-BD, NavSpark-GL, NavSpark-mini User Guide (.pdf, ver 0.9)
NavSpark Progammer Guide (.pdf, ver 0.4)


Installation for Arduino IDE see section 10 of above User Guide


LEON3 BCC Compiler (sparc-elf-3.4.4)
Windows Version (.zip, ver 3.4.4)
Linux Version (.tar.gz, ver 3.4.4)


Additional Information
NavSpark Example Code Files (.zip, 20140522)
Windows GNSS Viewer Program (.zip, ver 2.0.342, 20180919)

GNSS Viewer User Guide (.pdf 20151224)
Venus822A Datasheet (.pdf)
LEON3 User's Manual (.pdf, related sections 1, 7, 38, 47, 48, 65, 69)
NMEA Format (.pdf)
Binary Command Interface (.pdf, ver. 1.4.44, 20180612)

Raw Measurement Command Interface (.pdf, ver. 1.4.36, 20180410)

NavSpark Command Line Download Program Linux Source (.tar.gz, 20140530)

NMEA Player (.zip, ver 2.0.312, 20180321)  

RTK Base Setup for Internet Access (.pdf, 20170414)

RINEX Converter for NS-HP, NS-HP-GL (.zip, 20170329)


PL2303 USB to Serial Driver
Window Version (.zip, ver 1.9.0)